Deadline one: To be completed by the 1st of March
• modular buildings (at least two types, with special add ons)
• individual buildings (tavern, bookshop, poultry shop, 
• tillable floor textures (cobblestone, mud, tree base
• wooden pillars and platforms – building supports
• stairs going down into water
• trees• cranes

Deadline two: To be completed by the 7th of March
Have a block out of all the assets we have made so far working in Cry-engine so we can play test and begin working on interiors and smaller assets. 

Deadline three: To be completed by the 10th of March
• To have all the modular buildings textured and variants made in Cry-engineTo have the map play tested and edited further for the video. 

Deadline four: To be completed by the 15th of March
• To have a walk through video made for the Crydev website displaying the level and explaining our ideas, concepts and final outcome we want to achieve. • Also to have buildings finished, exported and built in Cry-engine completely with finished textures and collisions.

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